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Dec 27 2013

CRM Solution Manager

CRM Solution Manager version 2 now can be part of ALM and has a place on every Dynamics CRM developer's toolbelt.

May 22 2013

CRM Server Licensing 101

How to correctly license Dynamics CRM on-premises

Dec 21 2012

How to correctly record the end of the world in CRM

As we all know the world is about to end. Make sure your CRM is ready for it.

Dec 20 2012

Welcome to Georged Funnelweb

After two years hiatus, I’m blogging again

Dec 21 2010

Getting to the summit by car

One of the privileges of being an MVP is attending annual global summit. But what do we need to go through to get there!

Oct 23 2009

Why Bing is not my default search engine

Few hours ago Microsoft has released CRM juicy Update Rollup 7. Now, somebody please tell me what’s wrong with this picture: Bing does not return direct link to a rollup download on the first ...

Oct 23 2009


‘Nuff said.

Feb 19 2009

Update Rollup 2 and groundhog day conspiracy

Not so long Microsoft has released Update Rollup 2. Some fixes were just too tempting to pass on so we duly deployed the rollup on the server. Some strange message about failure to update a repor...

Jul 3 2008

Even watching tennis is good for you

As part of my regular fitness regime, I tend to watch a lot of tennis. So, there I was at 1am, observing the flogging Venus Williams was delivering to the next victim and raking my junk mail to se...

Apr 2 2008

Exploring vertical markets with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

With virtually unlimited customisation capabilities of Microsoft CRM, vertical markets always represent infinite opportunities for developing new business. As Bob Walsh mentioned in Micro-ISV: Fro...

Mar 27 2008

Programming happy birthday

May not any of your wishes come false

I think I got it right. Have been programming for too long. Sigh.

Mar 10 2008

CRM and jQuery, Part 1

My biggest grievance about client-side development in CRM is that it mandates this vicious "write some script-paste to form-publish-receive a bomb-review-sprinkle alerts-tweak the code-publish-r...

Mar 8 2008

Displaying inactive records in associated view

Associated views have always been a sore subject in CRM. When CRM 3 was released, they did not include inactive records and, despite the ever present Activate menu item, there was no any way to a...

Feb 27 2008

Mapping services licensing for Microsoft CRM

Everyone agrees that Microsoft CRM integration with maps is very attractive. And there are ways to do it with either Live Maps or MapPoint or Google maps. However, as John O'Donnell mentioned in c...

Feb 23 2008

Synchronous plugins want localhost

Yesterday I was working on some plug-in code which was working fine earlier. I changed pipeline to synchronous and started to get consistent "404 - Not Found" error from calls to CrmService. I re...

Feb 22 2008

Packaging plugins

You spent years polishing your algorithm, moving bytes around, replacing strings with StringBuilders, extracting every last bit of performance from your code. The assembly Acme.CoolTools.dll is i...

Feb 21 2008

Recurrent workflow in CRM 3

From time to time a question comes up in the newsgroups how to create a workflow rule that follows some recurrent pattern. For example, just yesterday surfbluedog (not her real name) asked: ...

Feb 16 2008

Filtering lookup data in CRM 4

Now we all know that when Microsoft says "unsupported" they always sometimes mean business. Take, for example, popular CRM 3 customisation to filter lookup field data that used to work well. Unti...

Feb 12 2008

Exporting CRM records as vCards


I want to be able to open a record in CRM, push the button and import the information as a contact into Outlook.

Jan 23 2008

CRM 4.0 Deployment SDK

Microsoft has just made Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Deployment SDK available for download. As the case with all other CRM SDKs, it only contains documentation for the deployment web service but mos...

Jan 18 2008

Poor man mail merge

Some CRM projects are small and people, small business owners in particular, are very cautious about the costs. In one of our CRM 3 projects, all the customer wanted was customised quote and ord...

Jan 17 2008

Hello, CRM

As unassuming title of this blog suggests, it's all about Microsoft Dynamics CRM I spend most of my professional life working with these days. Occasionally I'll be crossing to some neighb...