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Getting to the summit by car

One of the privileges of being an MVP is attending annual global summit. This year, may be, just may be, our American counterparts will finally start appreciating what do we need to go through to buy them a beer.


146 meticulous steps but I’m particularly excited about steps 67, 126 and 137:

Steps across the Pacific

With 54 days to go, I’m leaving now.

See you at the summit!

Posted by: George Doubinski
Last revised: 05 Dec, 2012 06:36 PM


21 Dec, 2010 04:48 AM

not sure if that's the optimum route - you seem to be entering and exiting pacific ocean 3 times.

why not just enter Pacific Highway at 67 and re-enter 138. Save you half the trip!

21 Dec, 2010 04:48 AM

s/Pacific Highway/Pacific Ocean/

21 Dec, 2010 08:39 AM

Tried to optimise it by going directly to Hawaii or by introducing stopovers in Nauru or Fiji. All to no avail - the only way, according to Google, to cross the ocean is via Japan.

12 Jul, 2016 10:42 AM

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